Get Involved

Are you interested in healthcare?

Do you have a passion for serving others?

Do you dance, play an instrument, draw, or paint?

Do you know another language, teach, or just happen to be good with numbers?

Our members come from all types of backgrounds, with a highly unique repertoire of skills and interests, and chances are, we can use someone like you around!

Joining the Initiative for Community Wellness offers you the opportunity to put your skills to use in developing health maintenance and education programs that will shape the local East Bay community for the better. Though we’ve been around since 2010, our work has only just begun, and we could always use a few more passionate and talented individuals to help us fulfill our goal of expanding public access to primary healthcare.

If this sounds great to you, here’s how to volunteer!

  1. If you are applying for a position that requires you to examine and/or treat patients through direct contact in a medical setting (ex. taking a person’s pulse), please obtain digital copies of ALL required health documentation and any health-related credentials, as described on the ICW health requirements list.
  2. Fill out and submit the ICW Volunteer Form.
  3. Upon admission into the organization, check the “Events” page for updates on upcoming HIPAA training sessions and attend one.
  4. Use the “Events” page to find out about upcoming events.
  5. Before volunteering at an event, make sure to sign up for and attend a vitals workshop which is usually held on campus at CSUEB. On the sign-up sheet, make sure to include your name, email, and whether you want to be a patient contact or a non-patient contact volunteer.
  6. When volunteering for an event, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the event start time for introductions and a briefing from the Event Coordinator.